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  • Streamer / Caster

      Ever wanted to cast or stream an esport game? then you are exactly the right one for us.
      We are constantly looking for streamer and caster with:

      • -good English or German language skills
      • -good frames and graphics on your PC
      • -Knowledge from the respective game, which you want to cast

      Exactly yours? Then apply now!

  • Newswriter

      Become a news writer on our website

      • -Experience in dealing with templates
      • -English knowledge
      • -Willingness to research almost every day

      Do you feel addressed? Then get in touch with us!

  • Player

      Join our clan and become a professional esport player in a computer game.


      • -team spirit
      • -English knowledge
      • -Enjoy playing
      • -Discord or Teamspeak
      • -Previous knowledge in the respective game
      • -Respectful dealing with other clan members

      We offer:

      • -Discord or Teamspeak
      • -Own homepage
      • -experienced team leader
      • -Participation in tournaments

      Do you feel addressed? Then do not hesitate and join one of our teams in one game!


With our unique slogan "HO - HO - HORAX" we want to face and master every challenging task, because we are passionate and hard working.

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