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That is it for

Analogstick Aim Assistance Shock Absorbers are a specific controller add on for first person shooter (FPS) games.

That's the concept

The concept is as easy as genious: Increased resistance leads to significantly more accurate command inputs, i.e. more precise aiming.

If you know a little bit about physics (force times distance equal work) and believe in longer sticks for more precision then you'll see that AAA-Shocks are pretty much the other side of the same coin.

That's why you never heard about AAA-Shocks

AAA-Shocks are underground since 2012. If you have no AAA-Shocks bros, it's hard to get in touch with it. Be the first AAA-Shocker of your bros.

That's how to use AAA-Shocks

Pull your AAA-Shocks gently over the aiming stick of your original controller and your are ready. As simple as it is effective: No screws, no tinkering. The warranty of your controller will not be affected.


GAMR. - the esports brand!

The premium GAMR. Energy drink - developed for eAthleten and eSportler, for Gamer and talents - developed for YOU! We are very happy, including you in the GAMR. Welcome community.

our mission

We want to give the eSport and its community a higher reputation! Together with you we are expanding the big community in the electronic sport and constantly increasing its value in competitive sports. Together we will ensure the further professionalization of eSports.

our vision

We already see electronic sports as one of the most popular and most professional sports in the world. The eSport will soon replace "established sports" such as football completely. It is a great pleasure for us to actively shape this development with you.

our philosophy

Communicating and achieving common goals are not just our values ​​but also the values ​​of eSports and every single player. We want to be successful with you all and build and strengthen the community across all countries. Together we will establish electronic sport worldwide.


High availability

With an excellent infrastructure, from the installed brand hardware to the connection to all important peering points, we can assure a high availability of the products.

Stable & cheap prepaid server

Our task: Quality instead of quantity. With us you have no contract and no running costs. All products provided by us run on a prepaid system.

24/7 support

If a problem should arise, we can be reached around the clock via the ticket system or e-mail support, so that we can help you as soon as possible.


Esportclothing offers unique team-wear to have your team looking slick and professional. We offer an all-round service, from the first design, to the delivery of your high quality products whilst keeping costs low but the quality of the end product at the highest level.

With our unique slogan "HO - HO - HORAX" we want to face and master every challenging task, because we are passionate and hard working.

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